Plantings and flowers installed by front porch in DeWitt, MI.

Landscaping in the Lansing, DeWitt, Haslett, & Williamston Areas of Michigan

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Landscaping Services in DeWitt, Haslett, Williamston & Surrounding Cities in Michigan

We offer landscape design, landscape lighting, landscape bed weed control, and more.

Plantings and a softscape installed for a client's walkway in Williamston, MI.

Renovating and maintaining your landscape will increase your property's curb appeal, and we're here to help with that! At Stiles Lawn, Landscaping & Snow Removal Inc., we provide exceptional landscaping services to help you achieve your landscaping goals. Not only can we create a design for your next landscape project, but we can also install landscape lighting, control weeds in your landscape beds, and so much more. You can trust that we will put our all into ensuring your landscape looks pristine!

We provide our landscaping services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in DeWitt, Haslett, Williamston, and nearby areas in Michigan. Call us today at (517) 322-2671 to schedule our services.

  • Landscape Design

    We offer 2D and 3D design renderings to allow you to view your landscape project before installation begins. While our 2D renderings provide you with a general design of your project's layout, our 3D renderings give you a more realistic view and in-depth understanding of its dimensions.

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  • Plantings & Softscapes

    Whether you want to install new landscape beds or renovate your existing ones, we can do either with our plantings and softscapes service. We plant gorgeous perennial flowers that'll add pops of color to your landscape and survive the climate here in Michigan.

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  • Annual Flowers

    We can install annual flowers to brighten your property and provide a splash of color to your landscape beds.

    We are a family-owned business with 40 years of experience in the lawn and landscaping industry!

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  • Spring Cleanup

    Our skilled team of professionals will come in and provide a thorough cleanup, removing all the winter buildup and ensuring that your yard is a clean slate for new growth. We will also haul the debris off of your property, so you'll be left with nothing but a beautiful lawn to look at. We also encourage you to take advantage of our mulch installation service at this time to replenish the mulch in your landscape beds.

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  • Landscape Lighting

    Showcase your landscape at night with our landscape lighting installation service! We can illuminate your property using beautiful low-voltage LED bulbs, which are longer-lasting and more efficient than incandescent bulbs. We can also connect your landscape lighting to your smartphone using Bluetooth.

  • Landscape Bed Weed Control

    Weeds can steal space, nutrients, and resources from the plants in your landscape beds, but we won't let that happen. For our landscape bed weed control service, we'll either spray herbicides or hand-pull the weeds to eliminate them so that your plants can thrive.

  • Mulch Installation

    We can install mulch to beautify your landscape beds and provide numerous health benefits to your plants, including protecting their roots, regulating soil temperature, and retaining soil moisture. We also recommend refreshing the mulch annually to ensure they continue to reap all its intended benefits.

    We offer various mulch types to best suit your preferences, including dark brown hardwood mulch.

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  • Rock Installation

    Take advantage of our rock installation service to keep your plants healthy and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape beds! The most popular rock we install is Michigan stone, though there are plenty of other types we can use if requested.

  • Fall Cleanup

    We offer our fall cleanup service to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in DeWitt, Haslett, Williamston, and nearby areas in Michigan.

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  • Brush Hogging

    Our brush hogging service consists of clearing weeds, overgrown brush, and other unwanted foliage from your large property, field, or land.

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Mulch added to a landscape bed in Haslett, MI.

At Stiles Lawn, Landscaping & Snow Removal Inc., we know how important your landscape is to you, which is why we offer several landscaping services to keep it at its best year after year. We perform each of our services with the utmost care and consideration, and we can tackle all of your landscaping needs with our landscape design, outdoor lighting, landscape bed weed control, mulch installation, and brush hogging services, plus many more.

We offer our landscaping services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in DeWitt, Haslett, Williamston, and nearby areas in Michigan. Call us today at (517) 322-2671 to schedule our services.


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