Irrigation specialist overlooking an irrigation sprinkler head in DeWitt, MI.

Irrigation Startup in the Lansing, DeWitt, Haslett, & Williamston Areas of Michigan

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Irrigation Startup in DeWitt, Haslett, Williamston, MI & Surrounding Areas

We begin bringing irrigation systems back online in May.

Once the freezing temperatures of the winter season subside, you'll want to get your irrigation system up and running again to make sure your lawn and landscape are getting all the water and hydration they need. Fortunately, that's where our irrigation startup service comes in! We follow a thorough, step-by-step process to bring it back online safely and make sure everything is in working order. We start providing our irrigation startup service in May once the weather becomes warmer and there's no longer a threat of the pipes freezing over again. If there's anything wrong with your irrigation system, we'll schedule another time to come back and repair it so that it will be fully functional for the start of the growing season.

We offer our irrigation startup service to residential and commercial properties, along with HOAs, in DeWitt, MI, and the surrounding areas like Haslett and Williamston. Give us a call at (517) 322-2671 to sign up today!

What does our irrigation startup process look like?

Specialist starting up an irrigation system in DeWitt, MI.

Our professionals will follow a thorough, step-by-step process when performing our irrigation startup service to ensure we safely bring it back online. We'll start by slowly turning on the water so that it gradually builds pressure. This ensures that your pipes don't get damaged or overwhelmed by too much water. As the water pressure builds, we'll inspect your irrigation system for any problems and make sure the entire system is running properly. Once everything is operational, we'll determine the needs of your lawn and landscape, then set the control box and zones accordingly so all areas get the right amount of water.

We Offer Our Irrigation Startup Service Beginning in May

We begin offering our irrigation startup service when the threat of freezing temperatures has subsided. This typically falls around late spring, which is why we start getting irrigation systems up and running again in May. We'll make sure your irrigation system is operating at peak capacity to start the growing season on the right foot. That way, it can deliver the water and hydration your lawn and landscape needs to thrive.

We've been providing our professional irrigation startup service to the community in and around DeWitt, MI, for 40 years.

If we notice any issues with your irrigation system during our startup service, we'll return to repair them.

Sprinkler head in a lawn in Lansing, MI.

Irrigation systems are made of several moving parts, and they start to deteriorate over time. For this reason, we offer our irrigation repair service to take care of any problems that may arise during the startup process. We will start by inspecting your entire system so we can properly diagnose the problem. Once we've figured out the issue, we'll schedule a time to return and repair it so it can get back up and running again in no time. Some common problems we can fix include:

  • Broken sprinkler heads and nozzles
  • Damaged water valves
  • Cracked pipes
  • And more!

Call us today to schedule our irrigation startup service!

When the winter ends, you'll want to make sure your grass and plants are getting all the hydration they need to thrive throughout the year. At Stiles Lawn, Landscaping & Snow Removal Inc., we offer our irrigation startup service to safely get your system back up and running in the spring. We offer our irrigation startup service to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in DeWitt, Haslett, Williamston, and the surrounding areas in Michigan. Call us at (517) 322-2671 to sign up for our irrigation startup service today!


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