An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to your outdoor living space in Michigan, adding warmth and improving the ambiance of your property. When installing this fire feature, you can choose between gas, wood, or propane to fuel it. All these options are great, and the final choice ultimately depends on your preference! A gas-burning outdoor fireplace is convenient because you can easily start a fire by pressing a switch or a button, and it does not require much maintenance. A propane-burning fire feature is similar to a gas-burning one because it's easy to use and maintain, but this option requires you to refill the propane tank on occasion. The last option is a wood-burning outdoor fireplace, which boasts a charming campfire ambiance where you get to manually start and tend to the fire while in use.

Natural gas offers ease of use and maintenance of your outdoor fireplace.

An outdoor fireplace fueled by natural gas is convenient and easy to use because you can start a fire by simply turning on a switch or pressing a button. You can quickly enjoy the warmth of the fire with your visitors and focus on your gathering because there's no need to constantly tend to the fire while you're using it. Once you're done for the night, it only takes a flick of a switch to extinguish the fire. Another advantage of gas-burning outdoor fireplaces is that they are low-maintenance. After use, there's no tedious cleanup since there's no wood or ash to clean.

There's also a nearly endless fuel supply if you opt for natural gas for your outdoor fireplace because you connect it to the main gas line in your home or business. What's more, there's no smoke from your fire feature so it's an ideal option if you don't like the smell of smoke.

A wood-burning outdoor fireplace adds a unique charm to your outdoor living space.

Another option you can go with to fuel your outdoor fireplace is wood. With this option, you get to enjoy the classic campfire charm. Wood-burning outdoor fireplaces create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your outdoor living space that your guests will always look forward to when visiting your property! If you enjoy the process of creating fire using wood and tending to it while in use, then this option is the best for you.

Installing a wood-burning outdoor fireplace on your property usually costs less and takes less time than other types. However, you have to keep a close eye on the flame and watch out for flying embers. You should also ensure the fire is completely out before you get inside to ensure the flames don't reignite and spread! It's also crucial to ensure the firewood is stored correctly so it doesn't get wet when it rains.

The smoke from a wood-burning outdoor fireplace helps deter mosquitoes.

A propane-burning outdoor fireplace is low-maintenance.

Propane-burning outdoor fireplaces are a bit similar to gas-burning ones. They are easy to use because they can be turned off and on by simply pressing a button. They are also low-maintenance because they don't produce any soot or ash that you need to clean after. The biggest difference is that they are fueled by a propane tank, so you need to change out the tank on occasion once it runs out.

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